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ÉDH works with adults of all ages who are ready not just to declutter their home or office space once and for all, but also to go on a true inner journey of self-discovery and fulfillment. If you are ready to change your habits and your relationship to your possessions in order to experience amazing improvements in many other areas of your life, you should definitely start with your home! 

Your space

The KonMari Method™ can be equally and successfully implemented in both small and big apartments or houses, studios, cottages, summer houses, offices, or any other kind of living or working space you might have.

Making the session appointment

After you get in touch with ÉDH, you will be offered a free of charge 20-minute phone or video consultation without obligation on your part so we can learn about your unique situation and needs. The first session can be scheduled already during the call. The date will be set up based on your schedule and Jovana`s availability. 

It is advisable to start the sessions in the morning rather than the afternoon as we tend to be more focused in the mornings and therefore able to make the right decisions faster. However, if your schedule only allows us to work in the afternoons, Jovana will gladly try to adapt to your needs for you to reach your goals. 

How long does a session last?

As a general rule, a session lasts for up to 5 hours maximum per day, which is considered to be just enough time to see significant progress when you work with a decluttering expert.

A short meal break might be included in the 5 hours session if the session takes place during meal hours. Jovana would have a snack with her, so you don`t have to think about it. 

Number of sessions

The number of sessions needed to reach your goal is very individual as it depends on the following factors:

  • The size of your home and the volume of items to be addressed;
  • The number of categories you want to commit to;
  • Your pace in determining what ‘sparks joy’;
  • Your preparation before each session;
  • Your willingness to continue to work independently following our session(s).

See our FAQ for more information.

Working conditions

Tidying is a very personal journey that requires concentration and works best when we are working one-o-one. Only you can determine what sparks joy for you and this is the time when you learn the techniques of The KonMari Method™. It is therefore strongly advised that family members, children, others you may share a home with, and pets should not be present when a session is taking place. In many cases, a parent can take decisions on young children`s belongings and I would be more than happy to assist you in the process. Once you learn the magic of KonMari style folding, passing it on to your children or others is guaranteed to be fun!

If you, however, have a partner that would like to be a part of a certain session(s), please inform me about this in advance to discuss details.

For more information, please head to our FAQ and Terms&Conditions.


État de Hygge is not a cleaning company and is therefore unable to provide these services.


All communication with you as a client as well as sessions will be treated as strictly confidential and no information will be provided to any third parties. ÉTAT DE HYGGE uses before and after photographs to support a client’s tidying journey and these photographs may be shared with KonMari Media Inc. privately and for the purposes of demonstrating completion of our session. The proof of the tidying completion is to be used for the further KonMari Certification process of Jovana as a KonMari Consultant and in order to always keep improving our services.

ÉTAT DE HYGGE uses before and after photographs to inspire others on this website and on social media platforms. They are always anonymized; the client cannot be identified through the photograph. We will always ask for your expressed permission to use your photographs in this way. 


Jovana is based in Oslo, Norway, and Oslo, and what used to be Akershus fylke before 01.01.2020 is therefore her primary area of work. However, Jovana would be more than happy to travel to you, whether you are living in Norway or abroad. Jovana is a Norwegian citizen and therefore able to travel to many countries without a visa. Traveling within 30 km from Oslo is included in the price of all ÉDH in-home services.

From 31 to 100km: NOK 9,90 per kilometer
More than 100km: upon agreement


Free Phone/Video Consultation

A free of charge 20-minute phone/video consultation without obligation on your part so we can learn about your unique situation and needs. Jovana will gladly share with you the basic principles of working and help you determine which option will best meet your needs for tidying and decluttering.

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You are curious about the method and whether it is the right approach for you? You want to finally start your tidying journey, but don`t feel like you can fully commit yourself to the entire process just yet? You want to test the first category (clothes) led by a professional in order to achieve rapid and visible results after only one session?

Or – You are familiar with The KonMari Method™ and have already conducted one or several categories on your own, but want help with addressing one or more of the remaining categories? 

Discovery session is for you!

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ÉDH Flagship Session Package

If you are at a point where you feel both your home and yourself need a thorough detox and you want to declutter and organize completely and once for all, you might want to consider a full ÉDH flagship session package

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DIY Support

You have read Marie Kondo`s book(s), got inspired, and decided to carry out your own tidying project? Well done! You are about to go on a life-changing journey to help you get in touch with what really matters and shift perspective to one that fosters gratitude and helps you view things through a lens of abundance rather than scarcity…

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Virtual Tidying Session

Not living in Oslo or Norway but still seek guidance in The KonMari Method™.

You can’t make hands-on one-to-one sessions during the day.

You want to start your tidying journey and prefer live virtual guidance in order to get yourself going.

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"Life truly begins only after you have put your house in order”  — Marie Kondo